Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Geek in Heaven

P1000263My love of computers started when I was around nine years old. It started with a Commodore Plus-4 my parents bought for me from some home shopping network ad. It was an interesting system (it had a CP/M mode, which was sort of like an early DOS) but it did not have enough memory to really do much. A few months later, my parents bought me a Commodore 128. While I enjoyed some of the games, I found a passion in creating my own little games. With the help of the book Kids and the Commodore 128 (my favorite Christmas present from 1986) I learned how to program the computer using Commodore BASIC.

Around two years later, home PCs from IBM and Compaq started to P1000276appear in stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward. I had done just about all I could do with the Commodore (including programming it directly in machine code using the listings at the end of Byte magazine) and it started to freeze randomly. So I was blessed with my very first PC, a 12MHz 80286 with DOS 3.3. My lifelong journey into the world of PCs had begun.

This weekend Sara is hosting a “Blog Camp” at our house. People from all over who read her blog are staying here for the weekend. We’re enjoying the company of our visitors, and I love the fact that each person came with their own computer. We have eight computers running in the house right now, all connected to our network and several of them contributing to blogs at this very moment. There was even a mini HTML training session last night. Could it get any better? :)

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